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1) This is a doozy!  Under the radar, 32 state legislatures have called for a new Constitutional Convention (most as a part of balance budget bills).  If 34 states agree, a convention is called.  Ohio is state #33.  The last Constitutional Convention was in 1787, but it was filled by freedom-loving patriots.  Can you imagine what would come out of a new Constitutional Convention today when they declare our current US Constituion null & void?  A good article on this by Presidential Candidate of the Constitution Party, Chuck Baldwin is below:


Call anyone you know in Ohio.  Tell them to stop this dead in its tracks!

2) We, The People, are to protect this country.  However, the US federal government has allowed its military to enter into an agreement on February 14, 2008 with the Canadian military whereby the Canadian troops will be deployed on US soil to "aid" in civil disturbances.


3) Additionally, US military personnel returning from Iraq have been assigned domestic operations starting October 1st.  This is in direct violation of The Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the use of the military in domestic law enforcement.


Don't like it?  Then call your US Senators and Congressman and tell them "No Thanks.  We can take care of it."  Call your State Senator and Representative and tell them "No Thanks!  We will protect our state."  Call Governor Sanford and tell him to once again say No to the federal government and to call forth the unorganized militia (that's us -- all the able bodied males 18-45).  Don't think that your one phone call will not make a difference.  And for goodness sake, pass this on to others.

4) Thanks to some brave state reps and state senators, there has recently been introduced some legislation with fidelity to the Constitution.

H4501 Gold And Silver Money Act

H4502 US Senate Accountability Act

H4455 Resolution to remove USA from SPP and any North American Union organization

H4509 An Act to prohibit any jurisdiction from registering firearms or ammunition

H4470 SSN Protection Act

And while we are at it, let's thank those brave men and women and enourage them to do more.  We need to concentrate our efforts on Columbia.  At this point, I do not see us being able to change Washington, DC.  Do you?  We also need to work extra hard at enlightening our friends, families and neighbors.  Even if you don't convince them, plant the seed.  That is how it started in all of us!!

While I get this site up and running, please view an example of where I would like to take this concept at the Indiana Militia Corps home page http://www.indianamilitia.org .  It has a wealth of information and links.